Battle of the Droids!

With Motorola’s latest release the Droid X many people are starting to realize that yes Droid really does. With an astonishing 4.3 inch screen that is 35% bigger than the iPhone 4, the Droid X just may very well be the „iPhone killer“ that everyone is talking about. Let’s take a look at some of the features:

-720p high definition resolution screen

-4.3 inch screen size

-HDMI output

-8mp camera

-HD video recording

-ability to use as a WiFi hotspot

-1ghz processor

Honestly the only thing we can hope for with the coming of Motorola’s latest gadget is some more application options, which is really the only reason I would want an iPhone more than the Droid. Another issue that has turned off many people is that due to the very large screen size this phone is a bit bulky. What once was a snack size snicker bar back in the Nokia days is now a king size Hershey’s bar. Nonetheless the Droid X receives Googboog’s editors choice out of the three most popular Droid phones currently available.

The next Droid in the lineup is the ever popular HTC Incredible. It was a tough decision between Motorola’s new X and this gem, but the HDMI output and 4.3 inch screen tipped the scales towards the X on this one. The HTC Incredible has a perfect name to describe the phone. If you want a phone that isn’t as bulky as the X but has just as much interactivity this is the way to go. HTC Incredible’s 3.7 inch touch screen is stunning and vibrant, lets take a look at some of the features the phone offers:

-3.7 inch touch screen

-optical joystick (this is great for when you don’t feel like using the touch screen or you are just more of a mouse guy :P)

-LIGHTNING fast 1ghz processor

-A mere 4.6 ounces of bulk

-720p screen resolution

In today’s world having that HDMI connection and a larger screen really would make this phone an even competitor with the Droid X.

Finally last but not least receiving the bronze medal is the original Droid from Motorola. This is still a great phone with much to offer, there are just newer and better phones out there right now but it wont be surprising to see this phone dive in price over the next few months due to the latest craze over the Incredible and the Droid X. Lets take a look at some of the features:

-5mp camera

-3.7 inch screen

-5.96 ounces

-„Worlds thinnest QWERTY slider“

So although the original Droid from Motorola came up third it is still an awesome phone and very popular at that. So the rankings are as follows:

1.Droid X

2.HTC Incredible


So get out there and get yourself some does!

Source by Justin Goldby

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