HTC Evo 3D Mobile Phone Review – The iPhone 4 Rival?

We’ve always loved HTC and its pioneering of mobile technology, so when we heard they were releasing a 3D handset we were beside ourselves with anticipation. Set for release in Summer 2011, the HTC Evo 3D seems to tick all of the right boxes when it comes to the latest technological trends, but is it enough to rival the success of the iPhone 4?

Well straight away you can see that the Evo 3D is the successor of the ever-popular Evo 4G. Combining the styling of its predecessor and the Incredible 2, the Evo 3D has beautiful angular edges and silver ringed capacitive keys, as well as beautifully soft curves and gorgeous accents. It is slightly taller than the 4G but also narrower and thinner. Gorilla glass is in place to protect the 4.3 inch HD capacitive touchscreen, which while we’re on the topic is beautifully clear with superb clarity and color. When you notice the silver grating missing from the earpiece and the silver switch showing 2D/3D switching capability, you realize you’re dealing with something a lot more powerful than the 4G.

We’re not sure if there will be gasps of horror or amazement when people clock the massive camera pod protruding from the posterior of the Evo 3D. As a camera, it features twin 5 megapixel auto focus cameras with dual-LED flash. Impressive as this sound, this tech takes up over a fifth of the back cover. The red aluminum protective rim conceals the speaker and makes the whole exterior look decidedly more impressive, however a downside is that it is a fingerprint magnet. The camera is able to shoot in 3D, which is the main selling point of the Evo 3D in case you didn’t get that from its title. Though we’d prefer a higher megapixel count, we are still impressed with the 5MP and 3D capability. You can turn off the 3D mode and shoot regular 2D images, so for those adverse to 3D you can enjoy everything you’re used to.

It also features a 3.5mm headphone jack allowing you to use your own headphones, although the ones that come with the Evo 3D are pretty darned good. The media player is awesome and supports 3D playback, as well as being able to handle a wide variety of file types.

The phone runs HTC’s Sense 3.0 as well as Android 2.3.3, offering excellent performance and incredibly smooth running. Browsing the Web is a real job and the Android Marketplace offers plenty of apps to truly up the ante of the HTC Evo 3D, including new 3D game releases. Unfortunately despite the small amount of pre-installed apps many of them you can do without so you’ll face the chore of removing these as you try them out. There are some you’ll definitely want though, including Swype, Amazon MP3 and Adobe Reader, to name a few.

The 1730mAh battery proves to be a good improvement on the low-life battery’s of yesteryear, however depending on how much you use the phone you may still need to charge it on a daily basis, in fact due to what you can do this is almost a guarantee. The microSD card slot comes with an 8GB Class 4 Card, which is able to be upgraded to pack in more media.

To conclude we’re more than a little excited about the HTC Evo 3D. Although we’re still unsure as to how much 3D will cement itself in modern culture, it is definitely a fun trend and we love the use of the technology on this handset. It’s on the pricey side, but as far as high-end handsets go it’s amazing and well worth the money. There will be a new Apple release in 2011 that is being kept under wraps, so until information is released about that we can’t say if it will win the Apple vs. HTC war, but it is definitely a great contender and proves that HTC is still the head of innovation.

Source by Jovana Duhaylungsod

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