LG GT540 is Powered by Android

The LG GT540 handset aims to revolutionize the market of touch screen models of mobile phones. It is a very stylish and elegant phone. It is powered by Android which is known to have powered many other smart phones. This phone has been manufactured with an aim to introduce touch screen mobiles even in the lower price ranges so that everyone can easily afford them.

The LG GT540 is known to have a three inch wide TFT touch screen. This screen will be supporting up to 256000 colors for an amazing display. The resolution of the display screen is around three hundred and twenty by four hundred and eighty pixels. There is an accelerometer for the support of the screen which can easily rotate the screen from portrait view to landscape view. This is very beneficial for viewing web pages and for playing games. The shape of this phone is very curvy and has curved top and bottom. This phone is available in three shades namely black, white and pink.

All these colors have a very pleasing look and the user can select one on the basis of personal choice. LG GT540 also offers great support to Internet. It has good compatibility with the Google suite. This phone also has a very well integrated support for the main social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Bebo. One can easily update their profiles from this phone can also see other updates from it. It also has an excellent media player which can support different format of both audio and video files.

For audio formats like MP3, AAC, and WMA find full support and for video formats like MP4, H.623, H.624 and WMV files find full support. Another interesting feature is the inclusion of the playback for DivX files which is very rarely found in Android powered devices.The LG GT540 also has a FM radio which works on RDS technology. There is also a lot of memory space to store many songs and video. The memory capacity can be extended up to an exceptional limit of thirty two gigabytes via a microSD card. The phone also has a 3.5 mm audio jack.

Source by Faith Hill

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