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The next few moments could positively transform your horse racing experience. If that excites you, read on…   NEW! 30 Days Free Access From Me + A New Monthly Guest Tipster Your 30 Days Free Access to my Members’ Club Awaits – including access to a new monthly guest tipster… all HERE>>> Today is your chance to dip your toe into my own Members’ Club for a full 30 days – for free –  to see if I can add to your enjoyment of this great sport. I promise to work as hard as possible to help you enjoy racing like you’ve never done before >>>  If you decide to stay you’ll continue to have full access including the big jumps festivals and start of the flat.  If you’re keen to take positive action and try a different sort of racing ‘service’, please read on. Hopefully it’s worth your time 🙂  Racing and betting is an emotional game and a few ideas have driven the development of my Members’ Club > -In recent years I’ve concluded that racing is most fun when enjoyed with others, even just online. I’ve tried to create an engaged community, all enjoying racing together, the ups and the downs. There are many ways to approach racing and reading how others enjoy it is useful.-The most satisfying winners are ones you find yourself, often using information to help. I think having an element of ‘self-determination’ when backing horses is key to staying engaged in this game long term, and enjoying it fully. That’s something that drives my approach more generally. -And that ‚just‘ following other people’s tips can become boring and leaves an emotional hole – even when they’re successful – the winnings are great, but there’s something missing. There are some great profitable tipsters to follow that i’m more than happy to tell you about, but in my opinion (which you may think is nonsense!) they’re best when part of a portfolio where you also pick your own bets. I’ve created a club that does include some tipping (inc reasoning), but also information that you can use in your own puzzle solving. -I’ve also realised that winning on racing long term is possible, but it’s bloody hard, with plenty of ups and downs. After all only 1-3% win money long term. I want to enjoy the journey, as well as whatever the final destination may be, and I try to do that through my varied content inc videos. This is your chance to join us for the ride.   That’s why I created my members club back in early 2017 and why I’m giving you the chance to try it for 30 days, completely free.  BUT, why should you bother with my 30 days free access?  New! Monthly Guest Tipster In order to add more value to my content I’ve introduced a Guest Tipster slot – the aim is to test and trial various tipsters month to month – as part of my membership you get full access to these tips via my daily members’ posts. February 2020 is the first month of this new concept and the guest tipster is… February’s Tipster – The Racing Consultants/Rory Delargy  Rory Delargy is the chief British racing correspondent for the Irish Field newspaper, and also writes a daily column for the Irish Daily Star. He is a regular contributor to the Weatherby’s Cheltenham Festival Guide, Attheraces/SS Racing and the Sporting Life.  Since the start of 2014 The Racing Consultants have won followers +718.44 points, or £3592.20 to just £5 bets.  So, from tomorrow, we shall see how Rory’s Guest tips perform!  As part of my 30 day free trial, you’ll get free access to Rory’s Tips for the next 30 days. (you can find out more about Rory’s Service HERE>>>) Click HERE to join my club today for 30 days free>>> Why else should you try my Members’ Club?  It’s very different to normal racing ‘services’ – that doesn’t make it better of course but not everyone ‚just‘ wants to follow tips – its not really a tipping service but more a portfolio approach, including ‘magazine’ style content you can read and enjoy.  My drive is to offer you engaging and useful content which you can use to enhance your experience of horse racing, and your long-term profit.  What will you get for free in the next 30 days?  You get access to my daily members’ posts via my blog and much more >>> Tips  Having said I’m not a traditional tipping service I do ‘tip’ – focussing on 3m+ handicap chases and the big Jumps Festivals, with a big emphasis on Cheltenham. I enjoy trying to solve the puzzle and post any tips on the day of racing, usually by 9.30am.  While it would be fair to say I’m in awful form at the moment (ever honest in these parts)- those tips are around +440 points since the start of 2014. (+£2200 to £5 bets) If nothing else the 250 odd members who are still with me enjoy reading my logic/reasoning.  In recent years I’ve done well during Cheltenham Festival Week and will be working hard to do so again. In reality the best time to start following someone’s tips is near the end of a losing run and with any luck a big spike is around the corner!  Community/Enjoy Racing With Others  I’m lucky that I’ve got an engaged community of racing fans and this is your chance to join them. It’s fun to enjoy horse racing with others. Some of my members’ post their own racing tips, thoughts and comments – there’s usually a good racing chat to dive into or just read if you wish.  Become Your Own Expert/find your own bets  I work hard researching trainer / jockey stats angles, big race trends, trainer records and much more, including my unique Trainer Track Profile Reports. You get immediate access to all my research reports.  I post daily qualifiers against my stats packs and test zone angles, including my chase eye-catchers and much more.  There’s a few advised strategies for those of you who like systems – two of my strategies have averaged +49 points per year and are a good starting point.  My ‘monthly trainers’ are on +54 points BFSP since the start of September and I’ve a couple to follow in Feb, including Paul Nicholls that I sent you earlier in the week.  In essence, there’s plenty to get stuck into and you’ve got a full 30 days for free, to dip in as you please, taking your time to work out if my content adds to your enjoyment of racing.  Why not take your 30 Day Trial Now, right HERE>>> If you do just want tips and don’t care for anything else, there’s Rory’s Tips to look forward to and my 3m+ chase tips which will bounce back into form soon.  Always something to read or watch >>> Some of my followers treat their membership like a magazine subscription, dipping in and reading the content when it suits them. There’s plenty to get stuck into and take away, including >>>  …My Micro Monday posts (trainer research) Tracker Tuesday (eye-catchers) and Trends Thursday (weekend big race trends) to get stuck into also – you’ve seen examples of those in recent weeks.  You’ll also get free access to my Cheltenham content that will start to build up in February – trainer pointers, micro angles, big race trends and more.  How much will it cost?  You get access to ALL of that for free, for 30 days.  After this time you’ll automatically be charged £49.99 every 3 months. This works out at around £3.76 per week –  a pint of beer up north, glass of wine, or fancy coffee! A bargain for the amount of content on offer – but you can judge for yourself.  Many services charge £39-£49 per month (and quite rightly), whereas you get a full three months access to my Members‘ Club for that price. It’s probably too cheap but I want to welcome recreational punters (£2-£10 players) and those who enjoy racing as much as betting, without being under pressure to bet big.  (And don’t worry, if at anytime you forget to cancel but wanted to leave, I always refund accidental payments on request. There’s nothing worse than being charged when you forget to cancel a service – we’ve all been there! Plenty of you who join will want to stay for a bit longer but if not, just get in touch)  If you’ve been looking for a different way to enjoy horse racing, to feed off the opinions of me and other members, but also apply your own thinking -my club is for you. You may even wish to share your own thoughts also. Everyone is welcome.  There’s only one way to find out and you’ve nothing to lose… MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE AND JOIN HERE>>> Once inside you’ll receive a welcome email and a link to a welcome post which you can flick through. You’ll have immediate access to my daily members’ posts. From there you can take your time and immerse yourself in the content, and in the next few weeks work out how best to profit from the content, which is all delivered via my blog.  250 racing fans have made my members’ club their home, enjoying my approach, the content, the videos, and the freedom – as well as the community and my openness and honestly.  This is your chance to join us all.  You may enjoy all the content, just pay attention to some of it, ignore other bits – the power is in your hands, and that’s what makes it unique. Use your full 30 days to take your time, without even betting if necessary. Any approach to racing has to be long term.  This is your chance to join us, with no risk whatsoever. If it’s for you then great, if not, you’ll have given it a go which is all I can ask.  30 Days, completely Free… and if you stay after that it works out at around just £3.76 per week – not much more than one Racing Post!  Don’t just take my word for it >>>  LC – „A truly genuine racing site offering tips but a whole lot more. A community of knowledgeable and friendly horse racing enthusiasts all held together with Josh’s own knowledge, systems and a whole lot more. I look forward to logging onto the site everyday.“  William Fieseler – „This is the most open and honest horse racing site i have ever found.“ JOIN THEM RIGHT NOW, HERE >>> Thanks for reading and I look forward to welcoming you into our unique racing family soon,   All the best Josh  p.s don’t forget that from tomorrow, as part of my 30 day free membership you’ll get access to Rory Delargy’s tips for all of February. It’s worth joining just for those. Sign up via my blog HERE>>>  

You get full access to my unique members‘ content and forum, delivered via my blog,  detailed below >>> 

I specialise in staying handicap chases and the major Jumps Festivals (Cheltenham/Aintree/Punchestown/Galway).You get full access to my main chase tips, which focus on staying chases and my Festival Tips. These include write ups/my reasoning.These tips have won followers +460 points in recent years (+£11,500 to £25 bets), averaging around +77 points per year.  

You’re free to just follow my Tips but many of my members‘ get a thrill from finding their own winners and I provide lots of stats content (trainer/jockeys) and other research to help them do just that – and indeed to help with my own tipping efforts. You get full access to my ‚Trainer Track Profiles‘ reports which include trainer stats for every racetrack in the country. Each day I list the ‚qualifiers‘ from these stats, as well as other information, which you can use as a ‚way in‘. There are  also profitable ’strategies/systems‘ that you can follow and  plenty of ‚test zone‘ angles, eye-catchers and much more, to use or ignore as you please! 🙂 

You get exclusive access to my three ‚research‘ posts per week >>>Micro Monday – where I look at some trainer / jockey / Pace angles –  I track some of the micro angles in the ‚test zone‘ section of your Daily Members‘ Posts – but it’s quality information you can use.Tracker Tuesday – Here I note any chase ‚eye-catchers‘ from the previous week, and notify you when they’re running.Trends Thursday – Every week you have access to my trends/stats pointers for one or two big Saturday handicaps. I try and focus on C2/G3s with at least 16 runners. I also focus on the four big Jumps Festivals and produce separate stats reports for these. 

I’m most proud of the atmosphere created within my Members‘ Club, of which you will become a part. There’s a handful of members who post their own views and selections, as well as numerous racing discussions. The community is there to help, especially if you have racing/betting questions. There’s something to be said for enjoying this sport with others, even online. Celebrating together is always much more enjoyable. One day i’ll create a ‚Racing Club‘ with shares in horses, and I plan to organise Members meet-ups at the races. ‚Through The Card‘ Selections – I try to be as responsive as I can and time allowing, and with some warning, i’m happy to provide ‚through the card‘ selections if you’re off to the races. 

I try to improve my racing knowlegde every day – it’s  a tough game and I think there’s always something I can improve.  I hope my write-ups for my tips are informative but I also record ‚over the shoulder‘ videos and produce content that both helps me improve and may help you – all with the long term aim of becoming a better punter, finding more winners, and winning more money 🙂  

I pride myself on my honesty and how I treat you. I’m easily contactable via email and I always endeavour to get back to you ASAP. No question is ever too silly. You can also post comments on the blog and direct questions to me always gets a response. I’ve always offered a no questions asked money back guarantee for accidental payments – i’ve joined services and forgotten to cancel before a payment comes out – it’s only fair that if this happens you get your money back – just email me and i’ll sort it out 🙂 I can’t guarantee winners and I can’t guarantee profit – but the one thing I have 100% control over is the effort I put in and my customer service – which I think is the best around. 

My members, the likes of Richard, Gerry, LC and William have been with me for some time. I’d like to think that’s a good sign! My Club is a bit different, which is why I like to offer a trial. It isn’t for everyone but you’ll never know if you don’t try. It’s a great community of racing fans who help make this sport more enjoyable, and profitable. You’ll become a member of the community with access to my tips, reasoning, various stats research, angles, trends, eye-catchers, videos and much more! I look forward to seeing you on the inside soon! 🙂 Josh 

My payment systems are automated and you will be automatically charged after your trial period unless cancelled – i’m conscious that sometimes you may wish to leave but forget to cancel in time- I am always happy to refund accidental payments – just email me ( and i’ll be happy to refund. Hopefully you enjoy my club like many others and stay for long time. Josh 

Click here to get Sales Page 2019/20 at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Sales Page 2019/20 is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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