The HTC Desire HD Is the Highest Spec Android Smartphone Ever!

Ditching mainstream protocol, HTC have gone for a capacitive touch screen on the plus side of 4.0 inches. The HTC Desire HD boasts a huge 4.3 inch display and has a digital camera with HD 720p video capture. The Taiwanese giants are going bigger and better with the recent release of there new HTC Desire HD and Desire Z smartphones which both run on the Android 2.2 (Froyo) Operating System. The HTC Desire HD is loaded with Bluetooth, GPS and a 3.5mm jack for headphones.

HTC have been persistent in producing advanced messaging phones in the hope of topping Apple’s iPhone 4; the HTC Desire HD is the best equipped phone to do so. The phone utilises a gigantic 4.3 inch LCD screen which has a pixel set up of 480 x 800 to produce over 16M colours, so you will understand when I say the visuals are absolutely stunning. Style-wise, the Desire HD is on the right side of the street, the screen dominates most of the face and the super slim dimensions mean the phone is pocket friendly. Many have criticized the phones size but for me it adds an air of luxury as there is a little weight to the feel of the handset.

The new Android 2.2 OS allows the phone to run extremely smoothly especially with a turbo charged 1GHz CPU working you through the tougher applications, like the browser. HTC pride themselves on there software as well as there hardware; the HTC Sense interface is perfectly balanced to deliver an exceptional user experience. The social network integration is yet to be topped and the shear amount of customization is almost un-rivalled.

The HTC Desire HD has been packed with internet capabilities. The phones Wi Fi technology allows it to communicate via local wireless hotpots while the phone HSDPA enables full 3G coverage. The web browsing experience is top notch; multiple sites can be interacted at once while the ability to save bookmarks as shortcuts is a nice feature. The browser controls work in collaboration with the capacitive screen technology, enabling pinch and zoom functionality.

Society tells us that any good smartphone needs to have connections to your e-mail and social network accounts, well; with FriendStream in place society needn’t worry. The application can be filtered to include just one or all of your social network and e-mail updates and there are dedicated applications representing Twitter and Facebook for hardcore social networkers.

The 8MP camera will comfortably manage video in HD 720p quality while high resolution still images come out very crisp and very clear on the WVGA screen. The video player can play a whole host of video files while the music player allows users to listen to there favourite radio channels via the FM radio receiver. Access to the Android Market opens up an endless supply of customization opportunities with thousands of apps ready for download, and with an expandable memory you have up to 32GB of storage space to save your apps.

The HTC Desire HD is the most technologically advanced smartphone we have seen from the HTC stable and the highest spec Android smartphone ever. This could be the insight into what the future holds for mobile technology.

Source by Lee Thornton

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