XYH001 Phone For the Elderly – Fast Review With Pros, Cons, Specs

Senior citizens often find modern phone's to be confusing and with features they don't want or need. This is where phone's like the XYH001 phone for the elderly figures in. Now a good question is, would this be a phone you would buy for your Grandma or Grandpa?

The XHY001 takes the idea that a phone needs to be simple in order to be useful to the elderly to heart. Honestly there isn't anything on this phone that is flashy at all. In its place are features such as bright backlite screens, easy menu navigation, large buttons with large text, and SOS functions and alarms. It doesn't look very pretty, but it does deliver in simple functionality.

Specifications for the XYH001 include:

* The phone's design is your basic bar style, but much larger than average buttons / keypad are included with large character text printed on as well.
* Typing, calling, and other input methods are done completely using the keypad, and there is no touchscreen ability.
* The phone is built with a large red button on the back which is pressed for SOS functions.
* The phone's weight is 55 grams.
* The phone's measurements are L103xW49xH15 (length x width x height).
* The screen size is 1.8 inches and displays only in black and white, but includes large character display and has a bright orange backlight.
* It is unlocked on all 4 GSM bands used worldwide.
* It is a single SIM phone.
* The phone is made from standard PCP plastic.
* Users are able to insert a standard 2.5mm earphone into a earphone jack built into the case.
* Internet or MMS messages on the mobile phone are unavailable, but standard phone calls or SMS messages are.
* While on standby, the battery should typically last more than 90 hours.
* An alarm siren as well as a pre made SMS message sent to selected phone numbers will occur when the SOS button on the back of the phone is pressed.
* Other extras include a MP3 player, a flashlight, and ring tones that can be selected from either the pre installed list or from MP3s.

People using the XYH001 will be getting these pros and cons should they purchase one:

* User's will notice that the menus use very large text and are simply and clearly written and all options are no more than 3 submenus down from the main menu.
* The orange backlight makes everything displayed visible at night or during the day, and all the characters shown on each screen are quite large.
* The SOS features can be very useful when you need them, and the SOS button is designed to not go off if you accidentally press the button for a second.
* Its light weight and comfortable design is a boon for many older people.
* Time spent without having to recharge the phone is quite long which can be very useful for older people who might forget to charge the batteries often.

* It feels plasticy in your hands, and not at all very solid.
* The lack of features will probably appeal to older people with very little experience with phones, but for those with more, they probably will find this phone very boring.
* The emergency button takes three seconds of pressing to set off the alarm which is good to prevent accidental use, but might be too long in real emergency situations.

At under 50 dollars in price, having a XYH001 for a phone for the elderly people in your life is a cheap way to give them a simple way to keep in touch with you, and for both of you to have a little peace of mind. If you want features however, it is best to look somewhere else.

Price. US $ 47.99

Source by Gregory Mulford

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